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Snake bean

Experimental treatments

Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3 Application rate, kg per ha Application method
Straight N, P, K Acron NPK NPK N196P150K112 Sowing and three times during the vegetation period

Field trials

Yield, t per ha
Acron fertilisers enhance stem growth and ensure a larger number of beans, resulting in higher yields compared to other NPKs
Net income
Acron NPK ensures high daily yield dynamics and contributes to higher profits

Nutrition system

Fertiliser Application rate, kg per ha
Sowing After 10-15 days After 30-35 days After 50 days
NPK 16-16-16 150
Urea 50
NPK 25-9-9 100
NPK 16-16-16 200

Reference fertilisers

NPK 16-16-16
NPK 16-16-16
High-performance prilled complex fertiliser
Fully water-soluble

Other trials in Vietnam

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