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Momordica charantia (bitter melon)

Experimental treatments

Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3 Application rate, kg per ha Application method
Straight N, P, K Acron NPK NPK N142P97K126 Sowing and four applications during the vegetation period

Field trials

Yield, t per ha
Acron NPK fertilisers increase stem productivity and the number of fruits, generating high yields
Acron fertilisers generate maximum return compared to the farmers' usual practice

Nutrition system

Fertiliser Application rate, kg per ha
Sowing After 15-20 days After 35-40 days After 55-60 days After 75-80 days
NPK 19-16-8+7SO₃ 250
NPK 18-6-18+5SO₃+2MgO 120
NPK 18-6-18+5SO₃+2MgO 150
NPK 16-16-16 120
NPK 19-9-19 120

Reference fertilisers

NPK 18-6-18+5SO₃+2MgO
NPK 18-6-18+5SO₃+2MgO
Contains most important nutrients in each granule
NPK 19-9-19
NPK 19-9-19
Applied to all types of soil and crops

Other trials in Vietnam

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