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Experimental treatments

Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3 Treatment 4 Treatment 5 Application rate, kg per ha Application method
Control (without fertilisers) NPS 20-20-14 Acron NP 22-15+17SO3 AN UAN-32 N66P45 + N60-90 Pre-sowing and the 4-5 leaves stage

Field trials

Yield, t per ha
NPK and UAN-32 contribute to stable yield growth due to improved nutrient efficiency
Weight of 1,000 kernels, g
Increased kernel plumpness due to better accessibility of fertilisers in prilled and liquid form
Net return
Maximise profits with Acron NPK compared to traditional complex sulphur fertilisers. Choose UAN over AN to ensure sustainable profit increase

Nutrition system

Fertiliser Rate, kg per ha
Pre-sowing Sowing 4-5 leaves stage
NP 22-15+17SO3 300-350 - -
UAN-32 - 85-95 150-165

Reference fertilisers

Liquid nitrogen fertiliser
NP 22-15+17SO₃
NP 22-15+17SO₃
Contains N, P and S in each granule

Other trials in Krasnodar Krai

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