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Arabica coffee

Experimental treatments

Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Application rate, kg per ha Application method
NPK NPK 18-6-18+5SO₃+2MgO N20P7K20 As a supplement during main development stages

Field trials

Yield, kg of berries per tree
The best nutrient ratio in Acron fertilisers increases yields of coffee berries compared to traditional fertilisers
Conversion ratio
Acron fertilisers contain all essential elements to ensure top quality of coffee beans and high conversion ratios
Acron NPKS generates consistently higher revenue compared to traditional complex fertilisers

Nutrition system

Fertiliser Application rate, kg per ha
9-13 weeks after primary flowering 22-26 weeks after primary flowering 39-44 weeks after primary flowering
NPK 18-6-18+5SO₃+2MgO 500-550 500-550 500-550

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