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Acron offers free online training course on ESG and Sustainable Food Systems

Acron, in cooperation with the Russian State Agrarian University, presents its e-learning course on ESG and Sustainable Food Systems.

The course consists of 14 lectures about sustainable development for students and farmers. It is taught by experts from Acron, KPMG, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Institute of Economics under the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute. Free-of-charge, the course is available on the continuing education platform run by the University’s engineering centre. To apply for the course, please click the Apply button and complete the form. Under Relevant Course and Comments, put ‘ESG’. A username and a temporary password will be emailed to you.

Acron’s Vice President for Business and Agricultural Projects, Alexander Lebedev, explained that the Group’s ESG efforts are focused on promoting responsible business and improving the sustainable development of Russia’s agro-industrial complex. ‘We believe the course will foster a new agronomy culture and contribute to environmental and social responsibility across the agro-industrial complex’, he said.

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